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In the Video Series I'll share
what I've learned about:
  • Patents and protecting your Intellectual Property
  • Researching and evaluating your Idea's market and viability
  • The ins and outs of licensing agreements and royalties
  • How to effectively license inventions to major manufacturers
  • How to turn your great idea into a great product using design
  • And much more!

    "Chris and his team at Trident Design helped me
    take my idea for the Hot Dog Slic'r and make it
    into a successful product. Thanks to them I started
    2013 with a 5 digit Royalty check in my hand!"
    Dan Kavanaugh
    Inventor - Hot Dog Slic'r

    "Trident's vast knowledge and experience
    with bringing products to market was
    supremely helpful and taught me a lot.
    The thing I appreciate most about them,
    though, was that I felt like they cared-just
    as much as I did about my product idea."
    Heather Rechtin D.D.S.
    Inventor - Soothe Brush

    "Let it be known to any and all parties having
    interest in or considering doing business with
    Trident Design, that you've managed to
    stumble onto the proverbial jackpot."
    Phil Campbell
    President - R.S.V.P. International
    Inventor - Onion Goggles

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